RainierTamayo is not just a site but a whole new world where is no restrictions and cost to watch free movies, TV series and much more. This site was founded on the best streaming site after the launching in 2010, and in a few years, this site won the heart of users and became the most visited site in a short time.

There came a time when this site just went to lag due to slow hosting due to too much traffic at once, but they kept maintenance continue, and now RainierTamayo is the world’s best-known site.

It was observed that RainierTamayo shows too many errors to the users while accessing this site. They also claim that this site shows inappropriate ads that are not watchable while sitting beside the family.

There are also other reason like this site has still slow hosting and response rate has been poorly fallen so users are looking for the new site which could provide them with an alternative to the RainierTamayo

So being an excavator, I mined some alternative to RainierTamayo to provide you with an ease of streaming online.

1. Afdah

Once this word was so strange to users and no one even wanted to listen about this, but there happened a funny thing when a user started visiting afdah, and now about 5 million people daily visit this site.

This site is the most significant alternative to RainierTamayo, where you find almost every movie. They have provided nearly all the updates from all over the world.

You can browse content by choosing the content category they are provided like browse by movies, browse by years, browse by countries, and browse by language and location.

There is a simple and very user-friendly user interface, and there is no hidden and extra thing you need to do to stream the content. Afdah provides ad-free streaming.

2. Popcornflix

When there is a race between content providers to upload more and more content to increase the level of the library, many sites beat others. Still, the way Popcornflix provider alternative to RainierTamayo is a big deal.

They have a collection of more than 600 different libraries where from all over the world, they uploaded content over the site.

If we talk about User Interface, Popcornflix has provided a simple and easy way to access the site, and by a single click, you find what you want. They have offered different categories through which you can access to the library.

This site provided more than 40 categories according to the location, language, direction, and other reasonable factors.

3. Los Movies

Many people prefer quality rather than watching a movie in low quality. This is the site where quality does matter, and people from all over the world consider this site 5 out of 8.

This site daily uploads content in high quality, which is preferred by most of the users. There is one thing about this site you need to click for the second time if you want to stream the content online because there appears a pop-up ad which interrupts you to finding your online movie streaming goal.

There is no need to register over this site, and you can watch all these high-quality movies free of cost. This is the only reason they were streaming and interrupt you with pop-up ads.

4. Channel

While streaming online, one thing that all the users need to know about malware which is specious activities by most of the hackers who steal your data and sell it over the dark sites.

This site is one of them which gets targeted by hackers. You never know they attach malicious files along with movie content, and when users watch or stream from these sites, this malware is spread into your system and steal your data.

To avoid this, you should contact some malware protecting service providers like antivirus company. It is said that this is antivirus companies which make viruses and then their antivirus so you should subscribe to the cheap one which works the same as the costly one.

5. Tubi Film

Raimiotamayo alternative needs to compete with the Raimiotamayo so that they could help the users to find out the right place. So Tubi Film is among those alternatives which will never deceive you.

Here you can register free of cost, and there is no need to open extra pages only visit the right page, and you will find the right movie at the right place.

They have also provided the application for Android users and Macintosh users. So this seems an excellent alternative to RainierTamayo, which can be accessed from anyplace and from any device.

You can watch free of cost and sign up options also available, which provides you the freedom to watch anything and anywhere.

6. CouchTunerHub

This is another alternative to Raimiotamayo, which allows you to stream online and watch almost all movies. Here you can access the content using two ways. One is free, and the other one is web search.

This site is also an alternative to the other sites like this we say put-locker. The user at this site gave their feedback, which helps the other users to stay tuned.

They have purchased quality servers to host their sites, so the user at once gains its goal without losing its attention toward slow loading.

7. Niter

To watch movies online without interruption of pop up ads, you should try niter, which is another alternative to RainierTamayo.

If you are watching a movie and without any attention, you refresh the page, you will find new updates which are made to the website and unique content that is recently uploaded over this site.


Users get fed up by the same things, so they find an alternative to everything. Most of the people are not even happy from their life they want some change; it does not matter either they are rich or poor; they want to change. The poor want money, and the Richie rich wants relaxation. So this is some change they want. In the list as mentioned earlier, you find an alternative to the specific site like RainierTamayo to watch often same content. So you guys should try the above-given choice so find what you want.