This year has done a lot to you and your loving persons and things. Now it is about to end. Here it is an advice to those who wanted to listen to it, and for those who don’t want to hear, they can scroll down to find the stuff, for they have visited this site. Find This New Year a blessing and end all the sorrow at the end of this year.

People love to live with those who are successful in life and have made something in their lives, but they don’t want to try to be one of those with whom they wanted to live.

So here is New Year Wishes Whatsapp status. Find your match and send it to your friend, family, and enemy. Don’t regret, do it if you think that you are doing the right thing.


Motivate yourself and be the one who has people to give them autograph, don’t be from one of them who get autograph.

Finally, its night and time came for cheering tonight. Here we get another chance to fix what we have done wrong.

So you guys have this chance to find a better place to live through this year, forget all the problems and hardships you hold last year. Happy New year.

Be wise and treat well to your neighbors as the new year is started, so start with a new beginning from your doorstep — happy new year.

Here comes a new year day, which must consider everyone’s birthday as it is celebrated throughout and across the world.

A new year is like a chapter from the book which is about to start, and the last year is the chapter from the book which is about to past.

Don’t get trapped by the day you are celebrating. It could be the day; you get succeeded. ( Mazhar Hussain J )

Here it might be the beginning of the new year but don’t forget this is the ending of some other opening.

As the new year ends, please end all the difficulties and negativities you got in last year and also finish with all the new year’s day.

I wish you a happy new year with all my bright feelings for you and all the pure love poured from the deep corner of my heart.

I wish you a happy new year to all my friends. I would wish for friends like you again if there exists another life. And celebrate it friends day instead of new year day.

When stars shine and the moon appears at the top of the sky at 12’o clock. There may be a new year, but for me, it is the beginning of a new goal of life to achieve within a year.

I miss you, my beloved wife, it may be the new year, but I still want the old you. I love you, and miss you.

I need vegetables, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals for my survival, but for living, it is only you I need the most. I love you, my darling wife, and wish you a very happy new year.

Pebbles don’t hurt me anymore; it’s you and your behavior. I needed more and more from you till I get enough, and that will last day of my life. I wish a new year hope I would find a place in your heart one day.

Your arms are like a cloud, which trough rain of love and coldness and softness. This year make me remember that we are special to each other best celebrate this year together.

Have you noticed why stars are alone? They are miles away from each other because they don’t have a day to celebrate and don’t have someone to celebrate this day with.

If you are looking for something new to start this new year, going to be the of that something you are looking for. Stay blessed and happy new year.

Here I found the best new year wishes whatsapp status for you — twinkle twinkle day and night. Hey, you guys, don’t you fight. Here come a day and one night. Don’t get disappear from one’s sight. You are unique, be pride. Take your keys and have some ride. Be again, the groom and bride — a happy new year.

Don’t regret the things you did for the wrong people. Just move on in your life and let them regret all the doing they did with you. The happy new year has a fresh start and has a classical beginning.

Short new year wishes whatsapp status

This is a new year; I have a new girlfriend/boyfriend.

For the new year, I have a new phone.

For a new day, there must be a new beginning.

I new and different side of my character on new year night.

You are here coming new year with 365 new stories. Find one every day.

Find 12 chapters and stated from the first one. I found you and the last will also you.

A new year for new people I am old and wanted to live with old.

Mess with me, and I will make you remember daily in the next 365 days.

Want it with a new beginning and destroy it with a new end.

Still the best night of last year and best hope for the new one.

Live like a lion, eat like goat sleep like a panda, and celebrate like never get chance again. Three hundred sixty-five are not enough.

Purchase new clothes, wear them, and mention the brand. Don’t waste your feelings.

Fly with the time and sleep with mine. We both will make you successful.

Everyone gets 365 chances, but only a few get a chance to find the right thing to do.

Legends born every year, and for a specific year, there is a particular legend.

For 365 days, there are 365 blanks pages fill them with hardships.

Never bother to work hard. Think hard, and you will be hard to destroy.

Every end teaches us many lessons.

Many pages of calendar filliped away. But don’t let your self treated like this.

For 365 days, find 365 approaches towards success.

You can sleep all night, but stars don’t.

You may shine all day. But you can not become the sun.

Three hundred sixty-five days decide what to make your next year. You can still be no one, and you could be the new one.