This year bring you more than the past one. I know this new year should be a happy one for you so that I can wish everyone a pleasant new year informal way. There are a lot we can do for other people on this occasion, but the best thing is to wish everyone possibly with a reunion at some open place full of stars and shining moon, that would be a better new year night with some juicy vine and fruits along with fruit pastry cake and harries cake

Wish them with beautiful gifts and presents from you and help them to forget their sorrows and worries by saying Hakuna Matata. But here you are missing an important thing that is planning. You should bring with you a tasty cake, and that thing is attractive quotes. These quotes can be used:

In case you don’t get reunite due to some reasons so send them over WhatsApp or using other media and let them know how much you care for them. Here I will show you attractive new year quotes for 2020.

Happy New Year 2020,  Family Quotes

Family is like a solar system, with one thing not working correctly other disturbed, I love you everyone with my heart and soul thanks God I am part of your family, with a happy new year with a pack of happy wishes for you.

Mom and dad, you are sun and moon, we, your kids are like stars around you. We get lighten up when you show mercy, and we get to the dark when you get angry. Please stay happy and keep shining your loving one.

Mother, I was a child you raise me up, with everything I needed, on this new year I want you to say my name as you call me in my childhood. May this year bring you with happiness.

The day God brings us to the same place in the same home that was the blessed day. On this new year, I pray that God brings us again together next time. Happy new year!

You are my world without you I found no water, no air, no moderated light, no oxygen and no water. My family, you are my everything.

My family are an ocean of my life, and I am like a fish which belong to you only. I found nothing without you. I can’t breathe. I can’t survive thanks for letting me part of you. Happy New Year.

Nothing feels you rich enough without your family. I may rich I may feel inferior, but with my family, I always stay happy. Happy New Year.

I pray for my family, may we live together as we are living now. May this year bring more happiness than the previous year. Happy New Year 2020.

I was with you in 2019 I want to live with you in 2020, my family you are everything for me happy new year.

If i found genie from a lamp, I would wish for living the rest of my life with my family. Love You Dear Family. Happy New year 2020.

Happy New Year 2020, Friends Quotes Funny

Yesterday I found you in my dream celebrating the new year together, and now I want you to make my dream real. Happy New Year.

Friends like you are precious than gold and silver. Please stay by my side. I want to live thousand of years with you. Thanks for coming in my life. Happy New Year.

I have been with you for two years, and live my best day of life. Thank you for coming in my life — a happy new year.

In my childhood, I found a kid with dirty t-shirts, and now he becomes a gentleman reading my greetings happy new year.

Friends like you are very precious. Who helped me in every aspect of life. Thank you for being my friend for so many years. Happy New Year.

Friends like you born once in thousand of years I am lucky to have you. The best thing about the site we still together wish you an exciting new year.

When I am with you, I feel no worries and forget the whole world. Your presence makes me feel strong, and without you, I feel very unlucky.

Life gave me nothing except you. I found myself through you. Thanks for coming in my life and building my character.

Years pass like cattle moving across the land and very lazy without you, may God bring us closer so we can meet together daily. Happy New Year.

You are my day, and You are my night, we will never break this world be might.

New Year 2020 Sister Quotes Funny

You are my baby sister, and i love you more when I see you happy. I wish you may stay pleased for the rest of your life. Happy New Year.

Rest of the relation in the world is not so sensitive as being a brother and sister. You are a friend in some ways, and you are a co-conspirator. Missing you badly happy new year.

Some enemies are so cute, and you can’t torture them, you can’t hurt them, you can’t live without them. Their relation is called brother and sister. Miss you on the occasion of this new year I want to quarrel with you for my whole life. Thank you for being my sister. Happy New Year 2020.

Where there is sister, mother never dies theirs. Thanks elder sister wish you a happy new year.

If God comes and asks me what you want for the next life. I would surely ask for you, my sister — a happy new year.

Whenever I was sad, I found you by my side. Whenever I need support, you were there for me. I wish you to be my sister again if God gives me an extra life. May you live long sister. Happy New Year.

I love you, my sister, more than anything. In the world, I want to spend my whole life with you. I wish I could do that — a happy new year.

On this occasion, I feel fortunate to have you, sister. I would like to wish you a happy new year. May this year bring all the happiness in your life — a happy new year.

Sister, you are a star, I grew watching you, you helped me find my attitude. Thanks for being my sister. The happy new year, my lovely sister.

The only from whom I learnt all the styles of fashion. The one and only super girl, my sister, wish you a happy new year.