Gogoanime is an HTML 5 browser supported application that helps you to stream online HD animated videos. This app is built by Japanese and it is very famous overall the world and many animated videos are being translated into world-known languages.

The gogoanime worked up for years and showed up themselves to maintain and provide quality services to user including kids and adults. If you wanted to watch online animated movies and wanted to download your favourite shows, you just have to visit this site and everything you want is available here.

Many of you guys wanted to know about alternative of gogoanime app to discover new ways to find your best television shows or videos.

So I will tell you about 7 best alternative apps of gogoanime which works almost the same as gogoanime do but there are some differences which are described as below and you will find your best app out.



Among the best online anime video sites, you will definitely find a name Chia-Anime. This was founded in 2009 and still working in 2019 and have a big name in the industry. Chia-Anime does not possess any personal server to upload contents but they have purchased online servers and manage them virtually, also they let users upload their content over their site.

Chia-Anime has categories your favourites over the website so you could find your best part easily. Chia-Anime has multiple ways so you can find your content or favourite show without any hurdle just using multiple platforms.

So you can now listen to your favourite music, watch your favourite TV shows, Dramas along with subtitle and in multi dubbed languages.



KissAnime is also a popular alternative of gogoanime for streaming online videos in HD. But it is not recommended by most of the users because it takes too much data and loading time while running on a PC or desktop system. It was designed for Mobile users to save the data.

Touch optimization has been done for fast access the content over the smartphones so this provides more ease to users.  But in case you need to run this site over the desktop version, you face many problems if your system is not supporting touch screen.

If we talk about registration over the site to stream their content, they made it optional so it is up to you either you want to use KissAnime as a registered user or free. There is a small difference if you are registered or not, For registred users they provide ad-free streaming.


https:// animeland.fr

If we go for voting for watching online dubbed series the best name that is familiar among the users is animeland.  Almost 20 % of users moved toward animeland instead of gogoanime. This is the best site which allows you to stream online dubbed series of movies, dramas and TV shows.

User interface is very user-friendly, you can search your required content alphabetically which helps you to find your thing easily. Most of the sites need to be registered at their sites but animeland allow you to stream and watch online free of cost.

They also provide you with manga news, anime news and other than animated shows. They have social media pages and channels to provide your feedback and all the updates and help you to resolve the issues regarding contents.



AnimeShow.Tv is an episodic online streamer site which updates your favourite TV shows daily. they have an individual tab to help you find your new arrival of episodes, old episodes and also let you search your required animated video.

You can also search your file by using the filter option to specify the category, file name, location, language, favourite character and specific date if you could remember.

This site also provide dubbed cartoon movies with multi-language subtitles.

This site has low rating tags just because most of the users are pre addicted to the formal past sites of there but as AnimeShow.tv Providing updates hourly based it seems that this site soon will rock and users of other sites will move toward this site.



Most of the sites shows ad which is not kid-friendly so you need a site which can be opened in any kind of environment and you don’t feel hesitation while browsing.

Animestreams.tv, this is the name mostly sounds for ad-free anime streaming services and you can consider the best kid-friendly site. Here you can find all your favourite TV shows and anime series free of cost among a huge collection of contents.

You can say they have the best part of the site to attract more users they can and that is extra feature by which you can send them your favourite movie or anime series name and they accept that demand and make that thing available for you.

They compared all other sites features and provided different features comparatively for their sites which distinct it by others.



This site is for most addicted person who got very possessive about their online watchings because this site provides a whole series of anime episode by episode and date by date in its original form it was aired.

Being Fanatic is not a bad thing but some people get very crazy about their likes and unlikes so this site is best for those fanatic crazy persons. Here you can watch online and also can download your video and your favourite tv show.

This site allows you to talk about the content, you can create polls and talk about the upcoming content and events. One more thing you can down content which in case you don’t like but this is not done by one person or two you have to put this on the public forum and together you can make any content down.



It is not free streamer. It provides almost all libraries which are offered paid but ad-free. You can access cheap prices starting from $ 4 per month. You can find new releases, schedules, discovered, recommended, trending and all shows at one platform.

Funimation supports android, Mac and desktop version. You can also find what other people are watching and what is liked most by them. This site appeared in 2017 and still in 2019 they are providing the best services for anime contents.


As per population increasing day by day that is why requirements do also increasing, so gogoanime is not much explored so people trying alternative to find what fits best to their requirements.  Above mentioned name are from best alternative to watch online animated video, dramas and movie.