13377x, a very familiar name among users who mostly used torrent, but let me tell more about this site. Having trouble downloading new movies, Tv shows, Games, Music, Anime, Documentaries, Softwares, and other files which you mostly don’t find on other sites? Than stop browsing and visit 1337x, This site allows you get access to the directory of files of torrent link, and you can use these directories using bit torrent protocols.


If we talk about ranking in the torrent world, this site lies third most visited among peer-to-peer communications sites that share files using different BitTorrent Protocols.

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In the beginning, in 2007, this site was not much known for downloading torrent files, but with the passage of time, they advertise it on most of the forums. In 2008 KickAss Introduced, and they gave 1337x tough time and heigh competition, which let 1337x change its site design and functionality.

Why Banned By Google

In 2016 this site become most popular among users but google banned this site in most countries as per they,  violate google terms and conditions and using third party content without permission.

In case you are not able to access this site here, I will provide you multiple ways by which you can easily open this site, and you can download anything you want, including software with old versions and the software that are being uploaded in user directories.

There is no software needed to open these sites. You have to learn the difference between the link provided for this site.

Working Mirrors/Links For 1337x & 13377x:

Following are the links which you guys can choose to access your desired site, and most of the links may not work in your country in the later section; the method to access these links is described. In 2015 google down the link 1337x.pl which later updated and replaced



and now other links are also introduced

With .tw.


With .tel


With  .eu




with .org


with .nz


with .cc


There are many more links by which you can access this site. We will provide you updates whenever we found them.

Non Functional Links:

These links don’t work in most of the countries, or either they are banned by google. You should try every link given above, and if the above links do not work, you should try these following links.

.pl does not work anymore.


with .co


with .lol


with .red


with .xyz


with .tv


Need to Know

I know you guys are waiting to know how to access all these links in case if not working,  in your country you can try another one. But you have to add extensions to your browsers or install VPN to access these sites.

Many VPNs are introduced in the market by which you can access this site. You can also use some proxy servers, which helps you to access block sites using alternate IP addresses. These sites are officials and certified by the search engines, so using these sites is not a crime or illegal.

Alternative To 1337x

In case you don’t want to use 1337x, Or links are not working in your country,  you should try other options so that you could find what you are looking for

Pirate Bay

This site also works on BitTorrent Protocols to let users download software, videos, movies, dramas, and other media stuff. This site was built in 2003 and still working and most ancient website, which uses directories to allow you to get access files of torrent link.

 This site also faced many down strikes and created many new website addresses, but after all these ups and downs, this website is still working. 1337x was founded in 2007, and Pirate Bay was founded in 2003, so it is clear that 1337x copied designs and stuff from pirate bay.

This site allows users to find and download their desired data in multi optional ways and categories content with a related keyword. This site also provides information to download the content with multiple qualities.

Kickass Torrent

You won’t believe that kickass is not the way as it was. In the beginning, this site gave a tough time to Pirate Bay, and in the year 2013, This Site won the heart of almost every person of the world who use to download from the torrent.

In the year 2016 to 2017, the US internet community banned this site due to copyright content, but this site born again and again, and still, if you are looking for the best site to download from torrent, I suggest it KickAss torrent.


This site is among those sites which are very strict about their policies, and they do not upload copyright content. In the beginning, this site lets download their content one dollar per content. But later they change their policies, and now you can download free of cost.


If you are fond of movies, then this site is best for you because this site lets you download all available videos in Possible heigh quality. You can also download 3D movies. The UI that YIFY group provided, is very attractive and user-friendly so that you can use this site very easily.


If you are finding some torrent site to download your favorite music, then you should visit this site. It gathers data from every search engine and allows a user to download it from their site.

RARBG Torrent

For high-quality content, there is a deficient number of sites that provide you quality products, and this site is one of them. High-quality videos are uploaded daily on this site, and you can check for updates daily. All new movies which are not yet uploaded on any communication channel with good quality, then you can find that movie this site.

Nayaa Torrent

If you are looking for a specific Site to download anime videos, then this site best suites for this purpose. You can find almost every video related to three-dimensional toons. This site is only available in Asia, but if you use a proxy server, you can access this site worldwide.